Canadian Health and Fitness Institute

The Canadian Health and Fitness Institute presents National Health and Fitness Day.

When: JUNE 5TH 2021

Help Kall Me Kris and us to make the fittest nation on earth by 2030! #showusyourmoves

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What's the problem?
Issues of inactivity

 90% of our children are not active enough.
 70% of our children are watching screens for more than two hours daily.
 Adult Canadians are less active than our children.

Consequences of inactivity
 One in three Canadian children is overweight or obese.
 Canadians of all ages are experiencing increased mental health challenges.
 Diabetes continues to rise at increasing rates.

What we aim to do:
 Creating and supporting a network of spaces and places where leaders, organizations,
communities and businesses will share, collaborate, generate, and test innovative research,
programs, and human-centered active-design ideas.
 Supporting innovative initiatives that activate Canadians of all ages, abilities and cultural
backgrounds to reach their own personal health and fitness podiums and to inspire others in
their communities to be more active.
 Building a collaborative web of leaders, facilities, programs and outdoor recreation spaces
across Canada that will ensure that Canadians of all ages and abilities can enjoy the many
benefits of being active.
 Building a leadership network of people, places and programs committed to transforming
Canada into a world leader of health and fitness.
 Initiate, support, and/or lead pilot projects that can test and model evidence-based solutions

How can you can help:
 Give to our Campaign to support our mission where we need it most.
 Get in touch with us if you'd like to donate a prize for our upcoming silent auction fundraiser or would like to invest in our project.

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