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We are building a clinic in Lesotho, Africa for orphans and families, with the ultimate goal being "One African Country - AIDS free". In Lesotho, one in four people is infected with HIV. There are 1,800 Babies born with HIV every day in Sub Saharan Africa.
Not everyone in developing countries has access to the new wonder drugs that keep HIV survivors alive.

A single pill, taken once a day, can stop transmission of the HIV virus, and for children who are HIV positive,
this medicine allows them to enjoy a normal life. Our first goal is to raise $40,000. This will allow us to begin the process while supporting the mothers who care for our orphans.

No child needs to be born with HIV!
It is now possible to end the spread of AIDS and the cycle of orphans being left behind.

Join Bracelet of Hope’s "3 for free campaign" as we build an AIDS clinic in the African country of Lesotho
where 10,000 people will receive regular treatment for HIV.

Your support will contribute to our clinic fund and our program to support AIDS orphans.

Send us $50 dollars or more and we'll send you the famous, Bracelet of Hope. Simply type "send me a bracelet" -- in the box "include a message for campaign." -- when donating. Thank You!

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About Us

Bracelet of Hope is a grassroots organisation that engages Canadian communities to fight against HIV and AIDS in Africa. Our work is focused on Lesotho, Africa where almost one in four people is infected by the virus. We take a holistic approach to addressing the pandemic by supporting HEALTH, HOMES and JOBS. Donate now and your gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to $500 in matching funds by our corporate sponsor.