ACTS Walk for Water

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ACTS is a Vancouver-based charity working to free Ugandans from disease and needless labour through access to clean water.

Every day millions of Ugandans walk an average of six kilometres to fetch water.

For one day, we’re asking Vancouverites to walk a day in their shoes.

On June 6th, we’re walking for water in solidarity with Ugandans to start to understand what this daily task feels like, and raise money for a good cause!

Here’s how you can participate with the ACTS Walk for Water.

1. Commit to walking 6km round trip to fetch water from our “watering hole” in the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver: Le Marche St. George. This is no easy task! A full jerry weights 40 pounds—but this is the load that many Ugandan woman and children carry every day to get the water they need for their families.

2. Use the challenge to fundraise for ACTS. Ask your friends and families to sponsor your walk by donating per kilometre (for example, $5/km = $30) or litre of water collected ($1/L = $40) so that less Ugandans have to live this daily struggle. Donations to ACTS will help bring clean water to more Ugandans, freeing them from disease and needless labour.

Participants are encouraged to fundraise using a Chimp Fundraising Page (but this is not a requirement), with a suggested fundraising goal of $250-$500.

3. Share your stories from the day on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #actswalkforwater.

4. Celebrate together with ACTS and other walkers with an end of day BBQ at Guelph Park (7th and Brunswick St).

This is a family friendly event, participants of all ages welcome! Participants will meet up at a Guelph Park at 2pm, walk to the “watering hole” (Le Marche St George) together to fill up jerry cans, and then walk back. We'll all reflect on the day together with a BBQ around 5pm.


1. Click on the 'Start a Fundraising Page' button on the top right to create your Chimp Giving Group.

2. Set a fundraising goal. (We suggest between $250 and $500.)

3. You'll be walking 6 kilometres round trip, 3 km with a full jerry can. Ask friends and family to pledge an amount per kilometre you’ll be walking.

4. Determine how much water you’ll be carrying. ACTS has 40 pound jerry cans available, but you can use your own and you don’t have to fill it up (40 pounds is incredibly heavy!). Ask friends and family to pledge based on the weight of water you’ll be carrying.


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