2018 RSCL Community in Motion

Richmond Society for Community Living provides innovative services that respond to the changing needs of individuals living with a developmental disability, and their families, over the course of their lives.

We know that community living improves everyday life for everyone living in Richmond.

A developmental disability is a lifelong condition that affects an individual’s growth and development. People with a developmental disability may have difficulty learning and processing information, or adapting to the demands of typical daily life. They may require additional supports to learn new skills or to participate in their community. RSCL provides the individualized supports necessary to ensure that every person supported has a place and a value in our community.

For more than 35 years, RSCL has provided exceptional programs and services for infants with special needs, children and adults with developmental disabilities. RSCL assists family members to access programs and services, ensuring quality of care throughout the lifespan of the individual supported. RSCL also works broadly in the City of Richmond to improve awareness and promote an inclusive mandate that sees beyond disability to ability. RSCL is Richmond’s largest provider of services for people with developmental disabilities, supporting more than 1000 people, and their family members, while also providing information and resources to community and school groups and local employers.

RSCL receives core funding from the Ministry for Children and Family Development and Community Living BC, but depends on the generosity of individuals and corporations to ensure the continued success of all programs and services. Your donation truly lasts a lifetime - helping us to fund programs and services that respond to the changing needs of the people we support in order that they can live their best lives.

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