10x10 Philanthropy 2018

10 x 10 Philanthropy

To fight apathy and engender a culture of giving and philanthropy within the world's young professional and creative communities

Don't miss our second Vancouver event: Dec 5 @ 6pm at Fluevog Shoes in Gastown! Just give $150 to the campaign, receive your tax receipt, and you'll be added to our guest list for the event. We'll email you a reminder closer to the event date. Make sure not to make your gift anonymously so that we can add your name to the guest list!


10 X 10 was formed by a group of young professionals who want to fight apathy and create a culture of giving within the greater community. 10 X 10 is a project designed to inspire philanthropy among young professionals.


10 X 10 is an event for young professionals which provides a forum to engage and give to emerging charities in a sustainable way. 10 X 10 selects three charities working on complicated social issues in our community. It does the due diligence on the charities to ensure that the collective contribution will have a meaningful impact, and that the funds will be used in a way to bring about sustainable social change.

At least 100 people come together for an evening event where each guest will contribute $150 in advance through the CHIMP online charitable marketplace, so that collectively the $150 contribution will become $15,000 (at least!). All event costs will be covered by corporate sponsors, and our goal is also to match individual contributions with corporate contributions.

At the event, guests are given their $150 back in the form of tokens to allocate to any of the three charities over the course of the evening. Guests will also be provided with drinks, snacks and great music.

Each of the three charities has five minutes to deliver their pitch, Dragons' Den style. The charities pitch to the audience and to the guest Dragon, a role which will be played by a prominent member of Vancouver’s community. When the pitches are complete, the audience decides how to allocate their tokens based on whose cause inspired them the most. All funds raised by corporate sponsors will be split among the three charities.


We expect the following outcomes from the 10 X 10 event:
• Support for positive and impactful social change in the community;
• Inspiration, knowledge and direction from each charity; and
• Networking with individuals who share a positive common goal.


• Yo Bro, Yo Girl - Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative is a gang and drug prevention organization that reaches youth through a series of strength-based programs in schools. Their approach is to cultivate resiliency in at-risk youth and empower them with the tools to avoid the perils of drug use, gang affiliation, crime and violence.

• Fresh Roots - Fresh Roots is a non-profit organization working with school communities towards Good Food For All: everyone deserves access to healthy food, land, and community. We work towards this vision by cultivating engaging gardens and programs that catalyze healthy eating, ecological stewardship, and community celebration. Since 2011 we have grown the first schoolyard market gardens in Canada, fostered leadership and employment training through schoolyard farm programming, offered food literacy professional development for BC’s educators, distributed delicious, freshly grown food into schools and local communities, and provided an inspirational voice in our community.

• The Learning Buddies Network - Learning Buddies Network is a non profit organization dedicated to helping elementary school students develop essential literacy and math skills through free one on one, after school tutoring in a fun group setting. We reach children who otherwise would not have the help they need. Our goals are to enhance self-esteem through improvement in academic skills, and to ignite a passion for learning in a safe and caring environment.


Ryan Spong

My career began in the mailroom licking stamps and envelopes at an online brokerage in 1999. Three months later I was trading client accounts. In 2003, I was recruited from MBA school to a formal career in investment banking, structuring high-grade bonds for a bulge bracket global bank.

I've always liked the definition of entrepreneurship: initiating calculated risks to take advantage of opportunities through innovation or improvement. I've started, grown and sold innovative businesses. Whether in public or private markets, I've brought that entrepreneurial attitude to work.

In 2006, I formed Mainstreet Advisors, a boutique financing company, which raised tens of millions of dollars for public companies, some of which I've served as CEO and CFO. Mainstreet now focuses on incubating business ideas. In 2006, we founded Raincity Rock with two very talented operators which we sold in 2013 to a civil contractor. In 2008, we established Preform Construction - a sustainable high-end prefab manufacturer - with Architect firm AARobins, which we closed in the 2011 housing crash and sold for assets. In 2010, we partnered in Tacofino Cantina - surf-inspired, Asian-Mexican fusion with a focus on slow-food practices and reducing waste. Tacofino supports the people who support us by giving back to the communities we serve through volunteerism and donations.

In September 2013, I joined Foodee as CEO where we instituted a commitment to quality and best practices. It's a high growth story that our team is very proud of.

I spend my free time advocating for local business on the boards of LocoBC and Knives & Forks Investment Co-op. I ride my bicycle to our Yaletown office from Mount Pleasant (and occasionally longer distances) where I live with my wife Chloe and our children Sawyer, Kincaid, and Olive.


-Paula Wright
-Tara Finnegan
-Amanda Payne
-Lauren Minogue
-Judy Boxer
-Layla Vera
-Zak Nathoo
-Niklaas Dethmers
-Jared Behr


- Manulife Real Estate
- MEP Business Counsel
- Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group
- DLO Move Support Services Ltd.
- Horizon Chartered Accountants
- Whitelaw Twining Law Corporation
- Smart City Media
- Form Real Estate Advisors
- Nicola Crosby Real Estate
- Allspaces Design + Management Ltd.

- Fluevog Shoes
- Railtown Catering
- Small Victory
- Leis De Buds
- Nude Vodka Sodas
- Direct Tap
- Fresh Tap
- Four Winds Brewing Co.
- Philips Brewing & Malting Co.
- Perseus Winery
- A&B Party Event Rentals
- Proshow Audiovisual
- Oh My Print Solutions

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